AEB Test Equipment

Product Name

Autonomous Emergency Braking Test Equipment

Product Overview

Unlike the Forward Collision Warning System that gives warning to a driver, the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) System is actively involved in an expected collision situation and operates the brake to prevent an accident or minimize damage.
The Autonomous Emergency Braking Test Equipment performs an operational test and calibrates the autonomous emergency braking system.

Product Configuration

Test Process Wheel Alignment Process Test Precondition: Vehicle Needs to be Aligned in the Center
Test Condition: At 2.5 m in front of a vehicle
Installation Structure
Lower Pit

Upper Gantry
Supplier Mando / Mobis

AEB Test Method

  1. Align a test car.
  2. Place the target on the home position in front of a vehicle.
  3. Operate the SCC module of the vehicle.
  4. The radio waves from the SCC radar hit the target and reflect, and the test system catches reflected waves.


Test System Operation Video